About Us

Lithion Battery develops and manufactures highly differentiated Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium-Ion Battery Cells, Modules and Battery packs. Our power and energy optimized battery solutions serve a range of critical applications and meet the needs of various markets including: Energy Storage, UPS, Marine, Military/Defense, Commercial Electric Vehicles, Materials Handling, Industrial, Medical and Robotics.

Adhering to the Battery Council International (BCI) standards and form factors, Lithion Battery provides a large, scalable, Lithium-Ion product line. With a goal to offer cost-saving, seamless transition from lead acid to Lithium-Ion, Lithion Battery’s modular design enables a “drop-in” solution for lead acid replacement - is easy to implement - and eliminates re-tooling efforts, significantly reducing purchasing, inventory and servicing costs.

Plus, Lithion Battery’s product offering can be easily scaled to accommodate a variety of applications and includes a Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors all cell voltage, temperatures, currents and states-of-charge, so you’re always in control.

Whatever your power requirements, Lithion Battery brings over 3 decades of experience to offer powered innovation to most effectively meet your application requirements.

Our Mission

To be a trusted, commercial leader in the supply of mighty, yet safe, power products, coupled with on-going innovation, application engineering services, and global fulfilment, service & support.



Modularity minimizes effort of purchasing variation, inventory control, and servicing.

Through its Valence brand, Lithion Battery was the first battery manufacturer to design a large, scalable, lithium ion product line using the Battery Council International (BCI) standards and form factors including: Group Number U1R, Group 24 and Group 27.


Residential and Commercial Batteries