About Us

Lithion is a vertically integrated manufacturer of Primary & Secondary Battery Cells, Rechargeable & Non-rechargeable Battery Packs and Battery Modules.

We've recently expanded manufacturing to the USA and opened an 80,000 square foot facility in Henderson, Nevada. This new plant is dedicated to cell and battery pack assembly, in addition to a fully automated production line for our Valence modules.

At Lithion, we work closely with OEM and end users to provide custom, high­-quality power solutions for critical applications where reliability is paramount.

Lithion has manufacturing facilities located in the United States and Canada with sales & distribution globally. We offer a full range of in-house engineering, design, and testing capabilities - providing one-stop, comprehensive energy & power solutions.

Powering Innovation

Utilizing our proprietary BMS (Battery Management System) Technology, Lithion produces reliable, domestically manufactured cells and battery modules in a range of chemistries, including lithium iron phosphate. For over 30 years, we've delivered electrification solutions for numerous products in a variety of end markets and applications.

We’re proud to offer highly differentiated Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium-Ion Battery Cells, Modules and Battery packs. Our power and energy optimized battery solutions serve a range of critical applications and meet the needs of various markets including: Battery Energy Storage, UPS, Marine, Military/Defense, Commercial Electric Vehicles, Materials Handling, Industrial, Medical and Robotics.

We provide both standard form factor batteries, as well as tailored cell and battery modules to meet the growing need for the “electrification” of things, extending beyond a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Whatever your power requirements, Lithion brings over 3 decades of experience to offer powered innovation to most effectively meet your application requirements.

Let us Power your Innovation

Our Mission

Lithion Battery strives to be a trusted supplier of battery systems by providing high-quality and reliable products, exceptional customer service with a focus on continuous improvement, and technology innovation.

Leadership Team

Tyler Armstrong


Stephen Rue


Board of Directors

Jeff Belford


Jon Spencer


Michael Stone


Tyler Armstrong


Stephen Rue


Our Product Portfolio


Smart battery cell designs to meet a range of high demand applications.

Lithion designs, assembles and manufactures both primary and secondary Lithium Ion (Li Ion) batteries in our state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility located in Henderson, NV, USA. Whether your needs are off-shelf standard form factor, or you require a custom designed battery, Lithion is able to meet your specific needs and battery applications.


Modularity minimizes effort of purchasing variation, inventory control, and servicing.

Through its Valence brand, Lithion Battery was the first battery manufacturer to design a large, scalable, lithium ion product line using the Battery Council International (BCI) standards and form factors including: Group Number U1R, Group 24 and Group 27.


Residential and Commercial Batteries

Lithion is committed to creating sustainable energy solutions. Whether it’s for your home or for your business, we’ll help you reduce your fossil fuel usage. Our wide range of Grid Storage solutions provide efficient power for all types of environments. Experience clean power that is both a cost-effective and easy to implement.