Safe, Proven Lithium Energy for Marine Applications

Lithion Battery U-Charge® Lithium batteries

Using proprietary phosphate technology, Lithion Battery offers inherent safety in scalable solutions up to 1000V and any capacity from kWh to MWh. Proven technology has delivered reliable field performance for over 10 years with configurable control and redundancy through Lithion Battery’ battery management system for ease of integration.

Key Benefits:

  • Decreased Emissions
  • Reduced Noise
  • Inherent Safety
  • Modular and Scalable Flexibility
  • Configurable
  • Ease of Integration (Lithion Battery proprietary BMS & MBS)
  • Multiple Protocols / On-board Diagnostic Options

Lithion Battery solutions for the marine industry have encompassed solutions to provide propulsion, house power, UPS & emergency back-up for large commercial projects such as commercial marine vessels, water taxis, tugboats, electric ferry manufacturers, and large private yachts.

Key Features:

  • ABS & DNV GL Type approved
  • Proven reliability for critical applications
  • 10,000 cycles at 70% DOD to 70% of initial capacity
  • Inherent safety through Lithion Battery patented phosphate chemistry
  • No hydrogen gas release
  • Five-year warranty
  • Fully integrated battery management system (BMS)
  • On board or remote data logging options available
  • Full and opportunity charge options
  • Sealed, flame retardant housing, maintenance free design

Lithion Battery is responding to demand for power and reliability not found with other Marine Battery Manufacturers:

Lithion Battery marine battery power enables a drive system exceeding core requirements of marine battery manufacturers, and ensuring significant benefits over traditional lead acid type batteries and other lithium chemistry. Used on open waters, marine drive systems need to be intrinsically reliable. Leading innovation among marine battery manufacturers, Lithion Battery’ Lithium Iron Phosphate modules offer a reliable power source due to LiFePO4’s excellent cycle life, safety, and battery management system.

  • Remote power
  • Areas with unreliable grid connections
  • Mobile power solutions

Phosphate intelligent battery module assembled into a system

Working with a leading utility tugboat manufacturer, Lithion Battery was able to provide the right mix of energy and power for their new hybrid vessel design. Following the successful testing of the Lithion Battery modules, Lithion Battery’ support engineers assisted with the configuration of 2 systems each containing 120 kWh to be housed in the boat to supply energy to hotel loads as well as propulsion. Both battery banks can be charged from a single charger but can operate independently of each other. The system should provide average fuel savings between 10% and 30% and cut local emissions by 20 to 60%.

  • Remote power
  • Areas with unreliable grid connections
  • Mobile power solutions


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