Lithium Ion Battery Modules for Autonomous Vehicles & Robots

Lithium Ion Battery Modules for Autonomous Vehicles & Robots

Lithion Battery’ U-Charge batteries offer drop-in solutions for robots and autonomous vehicles. Your robot can now use the same durable lithium iron phosphate technology that has powered Segway’s Personal Transporters for over a decade. The U-Charge RT series effortlessly replaces 12-48V lead acid batteries using BCI standard sizing. Using our patented, safe lithium ion chemistry and superior life cycle, Lithion Battery batteries become perfectly suited for applications in military, medical, education, and exploration.

Our most compact battery is the U1-24RT battery which offers 20Ah at 24V (over 500Wh) all within a U1 size case weighing only 6.4 kg. All RT series batteries incorporate their own battery management system to protect from over voltage, under voltage, over current, and over temperature conditions. It automatically balances cells and modules for maximum energy usage. The U1-24RT can be put in series and/or parallel for additional power & energy and is ideal for robots, autonomous vehicles, and AGVs looking for lightweight and long run times.


  • Built-in protection for over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature conditions
  • Automatic module and cell balancing
  • LED battery status indicator
  • Maintenance-free
  • Thousands of cycles
  • Compatible with U-BDI state of charge indicator
  • The only battery needed throughout the life of the vehicle

Common Specifications

  • Voltage 25.6 V
  • Nominal Capacity (C/5, 23°C) 23 Ah
  • Weight (approx.) 6.4 kg
  • Weight (approx.) 14.1 lbs
  • Part Number 1008898

Ideal for robots of all kinds, including: AGV (automated guided vehicles)

  • AGV (automated guided vehicles)
  • autonomous vehicles
  • educational support robots
  • classroom assistant robots
  • personal service robots
  • collaborative robots (cobots)
  • commercial cleaners
  • mobile security
  • military, educational, healthcare & aging services
  • medical, surgical, supportive, delivery systems
  • exploration & mapping
  • warehouse equipment

The U-Charge RT® modules are the most commonly used battery for robotic applications, but Lithion Battery batteries can be configured to meet your voltage requirements. Contact us to discuss your project specifications.


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