October 5, 2021

Vivarail, powered by Valence’s safe, proven battery modules, introduces the first battery train in North America.

Vivarail, powered by Valence’s safe, proven battery modules, introduces the first battery train in North America.

HENDERSON, Nevada USA /CALGARY, Alberta, CA - October 5, 2021

For this exciting rail pilot project, Pop-Up Metro, Vivarail has retrofitted railcars with market leading battery technology, utilizing Lithion Battery’s Valence battery modules. The original concept for Pop-Up Metro UK was a battery-powered, modular train that can easily be integrated into any existing rail infrastructure in any metropolitan region.

Henry Posner III, the chairman of Railroad Development Corporation (RDC), expressed his vision for a rail-based mass transit system in the United States. "A lot of urban areas in this country have underutilized freight lines that could also support transit service. People might not have considered these opportunities because it's been perceived as too expensive, too lengthy and too risky. With Pop-Up Metro, you can do that project quickly on a demonstration basis.”, says Posner.

Vivarail’s train was the first battery powered train in series production in Europe and this latest train is believed to be the first lithium iron phosphate powered train in operation in the USA. The inherent benefits of battery power in rail applications are set to grow in both North America and globally. There are opportunities in rail that are cohesive with US President Joe Biden administration’s emphasis on infrastructure, sustainability and investment in new power technologies that support green initiatives.

The team behind Pop-Up Metro and Vivarail look forward to demonstrating battery powered trains to customers across the USA, including public transportation systems that are considering adding rail-based options; adding to existing services and incorporating the next generation of trains; or private developers who may incorporate rail into their projects.

Valence: Powered by Lithion, battery modules are currently being manufactured in the USA at a brand-new facility located in Henderson, Nevada. The significant investment into the 80,000 square foot plant represents Lithion’s commitment to supply the increasing demand for safe, reliable energy solutions for the electrification of commercial vehicles, laying ground for the next generation of environmentally friendly rail systems.

About Vivarail
Vivarail is a world leader in battery technology for rail applications.

The company has designed and developed emission-free traction systems all based around flexible battery operation. Vivarail has built Class 230 and Class 484 trains, using a variety of power systems. Its first pure battery train was launched in 2018 and its next generation train will be launched at the UN Climate Change Conference.

Vivarail has sold trains to a number of UK based operators and to Railroad Development Corporation in the US as part of its export strategy.

With the UK’s first battery and battery hybrid trains fully approved for passenger service, plus the export of battery trains to the US, Vivarail has proved its ability to deliver independently powered emission-free rolling stock. It means that an electrified network can be achieved without the need and expense of installing new catenary. As well as ensuring good quality existing rolling stock can be retained by converting to battery power – saving waste, energy and resources whilst delivering a decarbonised railway.

For Vivarail
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About Lithion Battery
Lithion is a vertically integrated manufacturer of cells and rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery modules and packs serving the commercial EV, rail, marine, industrial, medical, robotic, military/defense and energy end-markets. Lithion works closely with OEM and end users to provide high-quality power solutions for critical applications where reliability is paramount.

Lithion produces lithium iron phosphate and other lithium-ion cells, battery modules and packs out of their North American based manufacturing operations. This state-of-the-art facility has developed manufacturing processes to reliably deliver product to customers - products which are controlled by highly customizable battery management systems. Highly differentiated product coupled with reliable supply allows Lithion to provide the electrification solutions customers require.

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