Battery Energy Storage Systems


Commercial Series

This commercial battery is modular in nature. We offer multiple ordering options, ranging from single-phase/three-phase with 27kW output to ordering a unit full of batteries at 153.6kWh (four 8 stacks inside). Weatherproof and temperature controller, this battery is placed outside and can power your business, back up vital circuits, or augment EV charging stations.


GridBox Series

This commercial battery offers high output and is available in several capacities up to 382kWh. Inverter outputs 3-phase 480v AC. Weatherproof and temperature controller, this battery is placed outside and can power your business, back up vital circuits, or augment EV charging stations.


Why batteries for my business?

Savings and security.

Installing a power storage system with renewable generators (solar/wind) can save your business money every day and provide security against grid failure. A battery can help offset time-of-use charges and electrical multipliers from large equipment. It also provides security in case of a power outage by backing up necessary circuits or your entire business. Most businesses rely on electricity, and many would be devastated in the event of an outage. We provide solutions for hospitals, technology businesses, factories, and many more.

Commercial Applications


Custom Sizing.

We can custom fit a battery to your needs. It doesn’t matter if the plan is to provide server-room backup, offset utility multipliers, or to entirely back up your business.



By pairing lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology with management systems tailored towards large applications, we offer the safest commercial options on the market.


  • Modularity offers 12V to 1000V systems
  • Expandable from kWh to MWh in size
  • Provides emergency backup power, including high power UPS systems
  • Intrinsically safe cathode material
  • Works seamlessly with fuel cells, solar, & wind power generation
  • Parallel strings for redundancy and maximum reliability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Integrated battery management system monitors all critical systems such as individual cell voltages, temperatures, current, and State of Charge


Lithion Battery’s U-Charge® Lithium Phosphate Energy Storage solutions have been used as the enabling technology for grid storage projects.

Hybrid micro-grid generation systems combine PV, wind and conventional generation with electrical storage to create highly efficient hybrid generation systems. Minimizing electricity generation costs and offering reliable power in remote locations, a typical system can be sized at 35 kw serving 10 – 20 dwellings with power maintained on a 24-hour basis. Systems use an inverter connected to a U-Charge® Lithium Phosphate advanced Energy Storage solution.

The U-Charge® Control System manages battery pack state of charge and when the renewable sources become unavailable, initiates a genset to automatically re-charge the pack.

Ideal for:

  • Remote power
  • Areas with unreliable grid connections
  • Mobile power solutions


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