Battery Energy Storage Systems


Compact Series


This 5 kWh battery is wall-mounted and fits smaller residential builds. Cabins, tiny homes, and mobile homes are perfect applications for this product to keep everything running smoothly.

Stack’d Series


This home battery is modular with 4.8 kWh increments, providing a capacity range of 9.6-38.4 kWh per Stack. This also allows for easy servicing and future expansion. With continuous output at up to 14.4 kW, true full-home backup is here.

Why Home Power Storage?


Typically, only 1/3 of your electrical usage is during high solar production hours. A home battery lets you store your electricity from the sun or other renewables for later use, allowing you to offset much more of your electricity usage. See our Sizing Tool to find the right option for you.

Energy Resilience

Most solar will not work in a power outage. Fire codes dictate that there can’t be electricity going back to the grid in an emergency. When you install a battery, you enable your solar to keep working when the power goes out. Contact us today to find a solution that fits your needs.

Power Independence

More people are learning every day how unreliable and expensive the grid can be. A home battery will save you money, provide independence from the grid, and allows for sustainable energy use.

HomeGrid Advantages



Feel the need to start small and expand in the future? Our Stack’d Series allows you to expand your capacity by allowing up to 8 modules in each stack. That equals a range of 9.6 kWh to 38.4 kWh per unit. You can run up to 10 Stacks in parallel. Up to 15 Compact Series (5 kWh) batteries can be run in parallel.


Whole-Home Backup

The competitors claim they can back up your entire home, but including central A/C and other large appliances is often a no-go. With up to 16.8 kW surge and 14.4 kW continuous power in our Stack’d Series, we can back up anything you’re using in your home. We also offer our Compact Series for smaller applications.



By pairing lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology with a low voltage 48v system and our IP55 water/dust resistance, we have one of the safest batteries on the market. Our proprietary BMS (Battery Management System) ensures ideal battery health, and we offer a 10-year, full-refund warranty.

Residential Sizing Tool

Our battery sizing tool is meant to provide a general guideline for home-battery sizing based on a single month of electricity usage. We recommend using the month out of the last year with the highest usage. This tool assumes that the battery will be paired with an existing or future solar array sized to at least 85% offset and that the solar will be producing on a daily basis.

Off-grid: Provides full electrical coverage for your home >95% of the year.

Partial Offset: Provides significant daily savings. Discharges electricity when solar stops producing. Also provides backup in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Backup: Allows for small amount of daily savings. Provides small amount of home backup in the event of an emergency.