Custom Packs

Lithion has been designing and manufacturing customized battery packs for a variety of applications and industries for over 30 years.
We operate three separate manufacturing locations located in the United States and Canada with distribution locations in both North America and Europe.

Industries and Applications that we Serve


Lithion manufactures battery packs for a variety of medical device applications. We have customer relationships that extend beyond 25 years - as we are more than just another supplier - we have become a trusted partner that provides a variety of valued-added services, including: dedicated customer service, innovative engineering support, dedicated manufacturing lines, process development, and life-cycle testing, just to name a few.

Applications that we service include:

Military / Defense

Lithion has significant experience working with some of the largest military/defense contractors. We operate an ITAR registered facility and maintain all required registrations and certifications needed to provide services to US Defense Departments.

Over the years, we have a worked on a variety of applications and projects. Some examples would include: wire harness packages for fighter jets, gimble systems for down-looking cameras, battery packs for soldier-worn beacons, battery systems for Hum-Vs, battery systems for portable generators, battery packs for reconnaissance robots, and battery packs powering several UUVs (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles).

Energy Industry

Lithion designs and manufactures battery packs for the oil & gas, pipeline inspection and oceanographic industries. Applications within the energy industry are very demanding with the battery packs being exposed to high temperature, shock, and vibration with extreme temperature ranges. These unique environments require careful selection of components, precise manufacturing tolerances and strong QA/QC procedures.

Applications that we service include:


Lithion prides itself on supporting OEM’s in a variety of other industries. We have extensive experience building battery packs for a wide range of applications and are confident that we will meet your custom power solution needs.

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