The P40-24 is a high-performance, 24-volt battery, built on Lithion Battery’ patented Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry platform. Designed for high-power, short- duration discharges, this technology combines the power of lithium and the safety of phosphate, in a lightweight, versatile, building block.

24 Volt Critical Application Lithium Ion Battery

The P40-24 is ideal for mission-critical, standby power applications. The module’s inherent reliability, long cycle life, and zero maintenance offers end-users the assurance of 24/7 system uptime, while delivering significant cost-of-ownership savings. The U-Charge® Battery Management System (U-BMS) integrates seamlessly with P40-24 applications. Utilizing LW’s Command and Control Logic, the battery system manages in real-time and system information can be monitored via CANbus.


Nominal Voltage 25.6 V
Nominal Capacity 40 Ah
Charge Voltage for Cyclic Applications 29.2 V
Charge Voltage for Float Applications 27.6 – 29.2 V
Charge Current Recommended for Cyclic Applications 20-40 A*
Discharge Voltage Minimum 20 V
Discharge Current @ 90 sec Max 600 A*
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 240 A*
Weight 16.5 kg
Terminals Female-Threaded M8 x 1.25
Exterior Dimensions L x W x H 256 x 165 x 260 mm
Part Number 1008678

All Values @ 23°C ambient
* Duty cycle evaluation required to determine suitability.
Consult Lithion Battery to discuss usage profile.


  • Unparalleled reliability for critical applications
  • Thousands of cycles
  • High-power density
  • String voltage 24 – 700 V
  • Internal cell & terminal temperature monitoring
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Automatic system cell balancing
  • Fully integrates with U-Charge® BMS
  • Excellent float life
  • Extremely small footprint
  • Maintenance free
  • No hydrogen gas production